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My 2016 VSport Premium Mods
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Intakes: (there is a mixed debate if these make more power, so far no consensous. However, they do sound great.)
DIY: Write up on Jet Fuel Only
ZZ Performance VSport Intake
Install: Video on Jet Fuel Only
K&N 33-5028 Reusable Drop In Air Filter
Renick Performance, as always well engineered and complete even with a catch can

There really are only two plugs that everyone recommends, even if you are stock (gap to 0.027 or if really modded even 0.026):
NGK LTR7BHX/95605 Ruthenium HX
Denso (5341) ITV24 (This plug is recommended for tuned vehicles)
Install: Video on Jet Fuel Only

Downpipes: (there was a mixed debate if these make more power, it's been proven they do with a proper tune. They do change the exhaust tone and some report it's more raspy with some options)
Currently unavailable, inquire with ZZP (they make cat and cat-less versions)
Video/Soundclip (catless) with magnaflows
Renick Performance (their ATS-V version will work with mods), tuned to reduce rasp

Blowoff Valves: (again mixed debate, they add some sound though if that is your thing.)
Weapon X Motorsports Turbosmart Compact Blowoff Valves
Install: Video on EZ_E89's channel

Turbo Upgrade to ATS V: (This is currently being down now, without a tune at most you get just faster spooling)
Old GM Part#12666536 Right and GM Part#12666537 Left.(discontinued due to turbo rattle)
New GM Part#12673347 Right and GM Part#12673348 Left (add spring kit to ensure no turbo rattle GM Part#12686941)
Up pipes to match with ATS V turbos: GM Part#12653209 Right and GM Part#12653210 Left

Axel backs:
Pre-2017 VSports Only, Corsa 84163935/14325
Video/Soundclip on J Teri's channel (shows with quads and without)
2017 and on: Corsa 84015419?

Universal Mufflers:
Magnaflow 11236, 4x9" Oval/offset outlets
Video/Soundlcip on J Teri's channel (with quads)
Gibson MWA (Muffler with Attitude): need the part number still. 2.5" inlet/outlet

Other mods not tried (mostly from the ATS V):
Fuel Cam (raises fuel by 30%)
ZZ Performance E85 Conversion kit
Manifold barrier gaskets (allow for less heat transfer)
Radiator/Electric Fans
Boost Chiller for intercooler
Meth Injection
Transmission cooler Upgrade
Heat Exchanger Upgrade
Catch can